MARVICON continues to grow in 2019

The Romanian professional journal 'Ziarul Financiar' published an article about the continuous growth of Marvicon

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• 10/05/2019 •

MARVICON is an expedition and transport company, which was set up in 2015 in Oradea as a result of a Belgian private capital investment. It is also part of the BE-TRANS Group, which was set up in 1998. The company specializes in container transportation and makes this type of transport between all major European ports. In addition to transporting containers, there are also trailers with tilt trailers, which are used for transport between Romania and other European markets. All of the company's trucks have a board computer with satellite monitoring. This allows dispatchers to track each truck at any time. All transport documents are also scanned directly from the truck and through the barcode, they are attached to the relevant transport.

The company achieved a turnover of 56.3 million lei in 2018 and this year targets an increase of 10-15% of the turnover and has 230 employees. "We want to hire drivers. We are a very serious company, we are flexible, we offer permanent support to drivers no matter where they are, we help them with any personal problem, and we always respect our given word. We also hire inexperienced drivers and prepare them with experienced drivers. We are also open to paying for schooling to those who want to become professional drivers, provided that after graduation they work for us for a while. We are also studying the possibility of hiring drivers from non-EU countries, "said Ilie Ilea, MARVICON manager.

The main transport routes are between Romania and Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, France, Germany. But occasionally the company trucks reach all the countries of the European Union. In 2018, the company honored 15,025 shipping orders. In terms of weight, an order has an average of 15 tonnes, so the total weight reaches over 225,000 tonnes transported in 2018.

MARVICON has already ordered 10 new trucks and, depending on market developments, it is likely to purchase another 5 -10 new trucks in 2019.

MARVICON's most well-known customers are DHL and Kuehne & Nagel, a few shipping companies, but they also collaborate with many expedition houses in Romania or the EU, as well as with small domestic manufacturers or exporters in Romania.

"At the moment, we are shipping tarpaulins and shipping containers between all EU ports. If we find a customer who wants a controlled temperature transport, we can soon provide him with this service as well. I do not think that controlled temperature transport has more expansion potential than tarpaulin or sea container, "said MARVICON manager.

The company's plans for this year are to strengthen business, find new clients, and complete the procedure to start building its own offices along with truck parking and a warehouse.

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