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We are Marvicon

Nous sommes Marvicon! Ravi de vous rencontrer!

Depuis 2015, Marvicon transporte des marchandises en toute sécurité sur le marché européen.

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A strong company with strong figures

Marvicon is growing year after year and we are proud of it! Strong figures lead to a strong company that is completely ready for the future! We remain ambitious, because standing still is going backwards. Marvicon is a strong company and therefore you can always count on us!

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Daily groupage services Benelux - Romania - Benelux

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  • john alina2x

    L’ avis de nos chauffeurs

    John & Alina

    "Following a recommendation, I chose to work with the professionals behind this company!
      I would like to thank you for the good communication, the understanding, the seriousness, the promptness and the kindness that you have shown during these 2 years.I wish you success in the future and let the work of the true professionals be recognized and valued! I recommend it to everyone #MARVICON!"

  • cristi2x

    L’ avis de nos chauffeurs

    5 years at Marvicon

    "I have been working at Marvicon since the company was founded. A couple of reasons why I work here are: the seriousness, the professionalism, the latest generation trucks, the management flexibility. Of course, there are small problems or inconveniences, but these are always solved through communication and collaboration. I am glad that Marvicon is a developing company and that I can be part of this development."

  • christian2x

    L’ avis de nos chauffeurs

    5 years at Marvicon

    "So far, my experience with Marvicon is a positive one, even if every road has its pits. Some aspects that I want to highlight:
    They treat their employees with respect.
    2. They provide stability and job security.
    3. There’s good communication with the office staff
    4. There’s an atmosphere of collegiality between drivers."

  • sergiu2x

    L’ avis de nos chauffeurs

    5 years at Marvicon

    "I have been an employee of this company since 2015 and I can say the following: During this period, I saw the rise of this company, which has developed successfully. I would like to express my deep respect for the professionalism shown in this company and I would like to thank the whole group for their attitude and effort."