Code d'éthique






The Code of Ethics defines the set of values and principles underpinning the company's activities, stating therefore the principles of corporate conduct that must be respected by all employees. For this reason, it is an essential component of the company's preventive control system.
Its purpose is therefore not only to inform the public about the company's commitment to the fight against illicit practices, but also to raise awareness and information about corporate policies among all employees, enhancing the sense of belonging and possibly changing different behaviors.
The values and rules of conduct of the Code of Ethics are the basis of our corporate culture, which are described here in this Code of Conduct, and are binding.
Leadership should be an example for others and deepen the values within the organization.




Our goal is to provide a superior quality of services that are the basis of our daily work. With an organization that works best beyond the borders, we have created the necessary conditions for it. Our staff convinces through competence and orientation towards finding solutions. We are always looking for better solutions and acting proactively.
The MARVICON Code of Ethics addresses administrators, directors, employees and employees, as well as MARVICON's suppliers.
The Code of Ethics also applies to third-party recipients and those who, without being part of the company, participate directly or indirectly in the achievement of its objectives (e.g. agents, consultants, suppliers, etc.). their responsibilities are bound to comply with the Code of Ethics.




The MARVICON Code of Ethics is transmitted by all possible means. Every employee and collaborator will receive a copy. The code is also made available to suppliers, customers and all interested parties through the company's website.




The main objective of MARVICON is to carry out the activity in compliance with all the company components, third parties and, in general, the legislation in force.
In this direction, economic and financial strategies and derived operations, inspired by the efficient use of resources, and at the same time respecting the rules underlying them, are designed.
To pursue this goal, the company, and all its components, adheres to the following behavioral principles.




Decisions on the relationship with customers, shareholders, staff, suppliers, local community and institutions are based on impartiality; in this way MARVICON recognizes and promotes the equal treatment of persons irrespective of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, age, political opinion, trade union activity or disability. The cultural diversity of the concern is seen as a valuable asset and the discrimination of some people or groups of people is not tolerated.




As an active and responsible member of the community in which they operate, MARVICON commits itself to respecting the right to free association and ensuring that all employees respect, internally and in relation to the outside world, the laws in place in the which operate and ethical principles accepted and established by national and international standards for business conduct. Deplores and condemns the exploitation of children through work and any form of forced or compulsory labor, recourse to illegal or unfair behavior in order to achieve their economic objectives.




A conflict of interest exists when the employee's private or financial interests conflict with MARVICON's policy, respectively with the relationship with business partners.
Conflicts of interest should be avoided, and in the event of a conflict of interest, even potential, the staff must communicate to the superior and take no action.




Information about customers, partners, subcontractors, employees and competitors, which are not public information, should be treated confidentially and should not be passed on to unauthorized third parties or used for private purposes.
Personnel must treat with absolute confidentiality, even after termination of the employment relationship, data, news and information brought to its knowledge and / or possession, avoiding their spread or using speculatively for their own benefit or for others . Confidential information may be disclosed within the company only to those who need to know for business reasons. The principles of data safety are respected and guaranteed by our IT system. Personal data are used and processed only to the extent legally permitted and necessary in the course of business.




MARVICON regards education and training as a strategic success factor. Employees need to be prepared for the current and future challenges of the company. In this perspective, if, on the one hand, the company is committed to increasing the level of professionalism of each employee, on the other hand, the hired personnel undertake to expand their knowledge by constantly updating in a field of competence.




MARVICON is strategically oriented towards sustainable success and is actively involved in ensuring that economic / financial outcomes protect and increase value in order to properly remunerate the risk borne by shareholders.




Under the various relationships established with and outside of the company, neither the company nor their employees should, in any way or in any way, be involved in events involving the laundering of proceeds from illegal or criminal activities.
The staff will have to use all the tools and take all necessary precautions to ensure the transparency and fairness of the commercial transactions.
In particular, it is mandatory that:


  1. entrusting different tasks to service firms and / or individuals dealing with the economic / financial interests of the company to be carried out in writing, indicating the content and economic conditions agreed;
  2. the persons competent to check the regular payment to all parties involved and to always control the correspondence between the person on whose behalf the order is made and the person who raises the sums;
  3. the minimum requirements established and necessary for the selection of entities from which goods and / or services will be procured are strictly observed;
  4. the tender evaluation criteria should be established;
  5. As regards the commercial / professional reliability of suppliers and partners, all required information should be requested and obtained;
  6. full transparency shall be guaranteed in the case of agreements aimed at making investments.




MARVICON believes that its employees are the company's largest capital, and their safety and satisfaction is the company's priority. The company is committed to encouraging an environment
work and behaviors based on respect for the dignity and personality of the individual, as well as for the protection of the health and safety of workplaces and workers.




MARVICON collaborators must provide complete, transparent, understandable and accurate information so that shareholders can make informed and informed decisions about the interests involved, the alternatives and the relevant consequences.
We always treat our customers and our business partners in a friendly and service-oriented manner and, at the same time, give them the proper respect.




MARVICON ensures the market and the community in general while protecting the competition of existing companies, full transparency of their activities, refraining from engaging and / or facilitating those behaviors which may constitute forms of unfair competition.
Information about customers, partners, subcontractors, employees and competitors that are not public information, should be treated confidentially and should not be passed on to unauthorized third parties or used for private purposes.
It is committed to promoting fair competition, considering it to be the best solution both for its own benefit and for all market operators, customers and consumers.




The activity of MARVICON aims at satisfying and protecting its customers, favoring the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services.
We encourage our business partners to commit to complying with internationally recognized ethical principles and values, and we expect them also to comply with the laws and regulations in force. It is very important for us that our engagement in this field is always measurable and transparent.




MARVICON is committed to quality and always strives to make the investments made environmentally friendly and sustainable, trying to prevent risks to local communities and the surrounding environment, taking into account scientific research on the subject.




All members of the board of directors, administrators, executives and employees of MARVICON are required to abide by the code of conduct. The responsibility for implementing this code is supported from the top of the hierarchy down.




The staff is selected through transparent and documented procedures, in accordance with the principles of equality and equal opportunities, thereby avoiding any form of favoritism.
Labor relations are formalized by contracts, rejecting any form of illegal work.
MARVICON rejects any form of discrimination with regard to its employees and promotes the professional development of all employees by offering appropriate training plans.
MARVICON authorizes the use of the company's IT systems, however staff must use IT and Telematics tools and services in full compliance with the regulations in force (particularly in respect of cybercrime, IT security, life protection private and copyright) and internal procedures.
Employees cannot upload borrowed or unauthorized software to the company's systems, while unauthorized copying of licensed programs for personal use, for the company, or for third parties is prohibited.
The staff must use computers and computer tools provided by the company only for the purpose of carrying out professional activity within the firm; therefore, the company reserves the right to control the contents of the computer and the correct use of IT tools. At the same time, staff are required not to send emails containing threats or injuries, not to use linguistic expressions that are not in line with company style or inappropriate language.




In the relations with customers and suppliers, the staff must demonstrate full correctness and transparency, taking into account the rules of the activity and the specific ethical principles on which the company's activity is based. MARVICON supports fair competition and complies with the provisions of antitrust law, not tolerating agreements that restrict competition.
Professionalism, competence, availability, politeness and fairness are the key principles that must guide the company's employees in their relationships with customers and suppliers.




All relationships with Civil Servants or Public Service Representatives must be fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations as well as with the Code of Ethics to ensure the legitimacy, transparency and integrity of the company's business.
In particular, it is forbidden for MARVICON staff to accept, offer or promise, even indirectly, money, gifts, goods, services, benefits or favors (including in the form of employment opportunities or through activities - including trade - in the direct interest or indirectly of the employee) in their relations with civil servants, representatives of public services, to influence their decisions in order to obtain preferential treatment, unjustified services or for any other purpose, including the fulfillment of their official functions.
Gifts and care for civil servants, public service officers, or other public employees are only allowed when, being of little value, they do not compromise in any way the integrity and independence of the parties and cannot be interpreted as an instrument for obtaining undue advantage. No action under the umbrella of corruption can be justified or tolerated by the fact that it is a "habit" in the business sector or in the work done. It is not permitted to request or accept benefits that can only be provided by compromising the values and principles of the Code of Ethics or by violating the applicable laws and procedures.
In the case of investigations, inspections or requests from public authorities, staff are obliged to cooperate in full compliance with the legislation in force




The public perception of MARVICON is also influenced by the image of our employees, including in the digital public space. We always treat our customers and our business partners in a friendly and service-oriented manner and, at the same time, give them the proper respect. Relations with the press and the media are only the responsibility of the persons specifically authorized to do so, in accordance with the procedures and policies adopted by the company.




The staff must take care of their own health and safety and must work in such a way that they do not affect the health and safety of other people at work,
in accordance with what was learned during the training courses, with the instructions and equipment provided by the employer. In particular, staff must:


  1. Contribute, together with the employer, to the directors and officers, in fulfilling their obligations under the rules of health and safety at work;
  2. Comply with the provisions and instructions of the employer, directors and officers for collective and individual protection;
  3. Properly use the equipment, hazardous substances and preparations, means of transport and protective equipment;
  4. Adequately use the protective equipment at its disposal;
  5. Immediately notify the employer, the director or the person responsible for the lack thereof the malfunctioning of the equipment from lit. c) and d), as well as to any dangerous situation brought to its attention, acting in person, in case of emergency and within the limits of their own skills and abilities, except for the obligation stipulated in f) in order to eliminate or reduce serious and imminent hazards, informing the employee representatives responsible for security;
  6. Not to remove or alter the safety, warning or control devices without authorization;
  7. To take care of the personal protective equipment made available without changing it on its own initiative and to report any defects to the employer or the director or the person responsible; Not to perform on its own initiative operations that may compromise its own safety or other workers; Participate in training and training programs organized by the employer;
  8. To carry out the medical examinations provided by the law.




In the event of violation of internal laws or regulations, disciplinary and labor law measures will be taken in the interests of our employees and our business partners as well as in the company's interest. In addition, breaches of applicable law may entail civil or criminal consequences.
MARVICON reserves the right to take disciplinary action against employees who knowingly make false allegations.


We are Marvicon

Nous sommes Marvicon! Ravi de vous rencontrer!

Depuis 2015, Marvicon transporte des marchandises en toute sécurité sur le marché européen.

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infographic 47132 800 PX

A strong company with strong figures

Marvicon is growing year after year and we are proud of it! Strong figures lead to a strong company that is completely ready for the future! We remain ambitious, because standing still is going backwards. Marvicon is a strong company and therefore you can always count on us!

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We are proud!

Every year in November, the Romanian transport magazine ZiuaCargo organizes the event Romanian Transport Company of the Year. During this gala evening, Ziua Cargo honors various transport companies. In addition to the main price of Transport Company of the Year, other prizes were also awarded.

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2019 11 13 14 TEG Translog event 461

Translog Connect Congress

On 18 and 19 November 2019 Marvicon attended the TRANSLOG Connect Congress. TRANSLOG Connect Congress is the market leading cross-industrial B2B business summit and partnering event for transportation, logistics and supply chain management professionals in the Central Eastern European region taking place annually in November, in Budapest, Hungary.

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Management orientat cãtre client si personal

O companie relativ nouã pe piata româneascã, Marvicon, înfiintatã în 2015, a ajuns anul trecut la o cifrã de afaceri de peste 12 milioane de euro, care a adus-o în top 100 de companii de transport din România.

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Marvicon driving to future

Marvicon transporta direct în viitor

Marvicon transporta direct în viitor. Aceste cifre arată că firma noastră a crescut de-a lungul anilor, ceea ce ne motivează și mai mult să facem transport de mărfuri!

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Marvicon nr 0048 IMG 0390

Our trucks travel around the world

MARVICON trucks travel all around the world. Our drivers often take pictures of their truck in a beautiful environment.

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Marvicon website 1200x801

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019

We want to thank everyone for the collaboration this year and hopefully we will meet again next year! Enjoy being together with your family.Best Wishes from everyone of Marvicon

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Schermafbeelding 2018 07 12 om 13.09.21

Des volumes importants et de meilleurs prix pour le transport de conteneurs

société belge BE-Trans, portant principalement sur le transport de conteneurs, mis en place en 2015 à Oradea société Marvicon, impliqué dans le même domaine - où les volumes sont encore élevés et les prix, décent - mais a ses propres plans de développement segment de transport qui bénéficie d'une demande...

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Marvicon beeld ISO


À partir de début mars, Marvicon agrandira sa flotte. Deux véhicules, un pour les frets légers et un pour les cargaisons lourdes, viendront compléter la flotte. Le tracteur ainsi que la remorque sont équipés d'un chariot élévateur à l'arrière, leur permettant ainsi de transporter un total de 108m³.

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Marvicon Truck


À partir de début mars, Marvicon agrandira sa flotte. Deux véhicules, un pour les frets légers et un pour les cargaisons lourdes, viendront compléter la flotte. Le tracteur ainsi que la remorque sont équipés d'un chariot élévateur à l'arrière, leur permettant ainsi de transporter un total de 108m³.

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