Code d'éthique

Business ethics 

As any  company, nowadays,  we are going through challenging times and are repositioning our businesses to move forward and be successful. We will demonstrate our ability to compete, delivering quality transportation and logistics  services at competitive prices.

To our credit as an organization and each of our employees, we have not wavered from our commitment to ethics during this difficult time.

Each of our businesses operates in a very competitive environment and we have set high financial and operational performance goals. We all have a responsibility to perform our jobs to the best of our ability. We must also ensure, however, that we, individually and as a company, continue to act in strict conformance with the law, customer requirements, and the highest standards of business ethics and business and financial reporting practices.

We know this is not easy. To help, we have various resources available to provide guidance and make sure we are able to make the right choices.

Since 2015, since its establishment, Marvicon  increased every year, both in terms of turnover, as well  as a fleet and number of employees.  The most important moments in the evolution of the company so far includes the takeover in 2018 of a group companies, which led to growth substantial increase in revenue, fleet and number of employees and the replacement in 2020 of the latter Euro 5 trucks with Euro trucks 6, so now the whole fleet is composed from Euro 6 trucks. MARVICON fleet a gradually increased, following a development plan well developed, thus satisfying the requirements customers.

We must continue to make sure our everyday actions support and demonstrate the highest level of business standards and conduct. Anything less is unacceptable.

Remember, it requires a team effort to achieve and maintain our objective of ethical excellence. We believe that complying with the information contained in this Brochure as well as the training we receive and the guidance provided by our supervisors and others will allow us to say, with pride, that we are part of an organization that will succeed the right way.


Company`s     CEO




Our Shared Values 

  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Fair competition  and respecting intellectual property 
  • Long Term, Mutually Beneficial Relationships with our customers and suppliers 
  • Individual Development and Growth 
  • Timely, Accurate and Complete Financial Reporting 
  • Continuous Improvement 
  • Safe, Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Operations 

Our Business Objectives 

  • Enduring Customer and Supplier Partnerships 
  • Commitment to Our Employees 
  • Market Responsive Leadership
  • Globally Focused Business Integration
  • Consistent, Long-Term Profit Improvement


We will always strive to meet or exceed customer expectations for quality, price and delivery. We will build long lasting relationships with our customers based on mutual trust, integrity and honesty. We are sensitive to customer schedules, quality and costs and recognize the vital importance of supporting our customers’ needs.

We Provide Quality Services 

We strive to provide services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, integrity, and reliability.

We Comply With Antitrust Laws 

We support vigorous but fair and honest competition. Romania and European Union have enacted laws – usually referred to as antitrust, monopoly or competition laws – designed to preserve free and open competition. 

We must make business decisions using independent judgment and avoid even the appearance of agreeing with a competitor to limit the way we compete with one another. 

We must make factual and truthful statements about our services and those of our competitors, whether in advertising or in speaking with customers or others. 

MARVICON  will compete solely on the merits of  transportastion and logistics  services. We will succeed by satisfying our customers’ needs, not by unlawfully limiting a competitor's opportunities.

As a rule, antitrust laws not only cover commercial behavior in a particular country, but also apply to any commercial behavior even outside that country if it has a significant impact on competition.

Antitrust laws generally prohibit entering into any kind of agreement or understanding (even oral or informal) with a competitor regarding:

  • Prices, costs, profits, margins, inventories, or terms and conditions of sale
  • Territories
  • Limitations on products or services
  • Production facilities, volume, or capacity
  • Market share
  • Customer or supplier allocation or selection
  • Distribution methods
  • Any action that affects, limits, or restricts competition
  • Bidding arrangements
  • Resale price maintenance schemes
  • Restricting  services offered or tying the purchase of services  to other purchases
  • Agreements to boycott, i.e. a refusal to supply or to accept delivery

Prohibited Activities 

The following basic restrictions apply to our ability to gather competitive intelligence: 

• We do not accept, disclose or use competitive information that we know or have reason to believe was disclosed to us in breach of a confidentiality agreement between a third party and one of our competitors.

• We do not disclose or use, without consulting Company legal counsel, competitive information that is, or we believe should have been, marked “proprietary” or “confidential.” 

• We do not engage in any illegal or illicit activity to obtain competitive information.


We Protect Our Company’s Assets 

  • We are all responsible for protecting the Company’s assets and ensuring their efficient use. Theft, carelessness and waste have a direct impact on the Company’s profitability. 
  • All Company assets, including information systems, networks, computers, and data must be used for legitimate business purposes only and control procedures, including passwording, must be followed to ensure adequate safeguarding. Consistent with local laws, we reserve the right to monitor the use of information technology resources and to take appropriate disciplinary actions in cases of misuse.

We Protect Our Confidential Information And Trade Secrets 

  • We may learn facts about the Company’s business plans or “secrets of success” that are not known to the general public or to our competitors. Sensitive information such as customer lists, the terms or pricing offered to particular customers, marketing or strategic plans, and proprietary or product systems developments are examples of the Company’s confidential information and trade secrets. Similarly, we may have access to information concerning transactions with other companies or confidential information about other companies. 
  • Within our Company, we should disclose confidential information and trade secrets only to employees who need the information to carry out their business responsibilities. 

We Should Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions Or Raise Issues 

  • Remember, we should never hesitate to raise a concern or ask a question. 
  • The foundation of our compliance effort is openness, accessibility and discussion within the  Marvicon community. 
  • We encourage you to present ideas, raise concerns and ask questions – especially those of a legal or ethical nature, but also those relating to quality of work. 
  • All managers and supervisors are personally responsible for supporting this policy and maintaining an “open door” for their direct reports and other employees who may reach out to them.

Exports and International Trade Restrictions 

  • MARVICON worldwide operations require an awareness of international trade laws.Marvicon  its business segments, all its employees , and its joint venture partners, agents, distributors, and other representatives will comply with these laws, including applicable trade sanctions, economic embargoes, and import / export controls. 
  • The export of goods and technology (including transfers with no sale) from many countries is regulated by a number of very complicated laws and regulations. There are many factors in determining whether a product or technology can be exported, including the nature of the item, the country of destination, and the end-user or end-use. 

    Romania's international relations include:
    • EU membership.
    • NATO membership.
    • Free trade agreements with EFTA and CEFTA countries.
    • WTO member since January 1995.
    • Member of the UN and other international organisations, such as the:
      • Council of Europe;
      • Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE);
      • International Organisation of the Francophonie.
    • International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) bilateral investment treaties (BITs) with 103 countries.
    • Energy Charter Treaty and Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change signatory.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US is currently under negotiation and, if it is adopted, Romania, as part of the EU, will be a signatory member.

  • Export restrictions apply not only to the export of goods and services, but also to the licensing of software and the transfer of technology in many forms, such as plans, designs, training, consulting, and technical assistance. These restrictions can also apply to products based on another country’s technology or that contain another country’s parts or components. 
  • Exporting goods or technology without the appropriate government approvals can result in the loss of export privileges and can subject a company to both civil and criminal penalties.

Acting ethically and in compliance with our standards of business conduct is the individual responsibility of each and every employee. 

It is your responsibility to raise issues or report violations promptly through any of the following - the choice is yours: 

  • Your immediate supervisor or another member of management, 
  • A Human Resources representativ or Juridical Departament


 Mr.   ILEA ILIE, 
 Company`s CEO


ilie 1140

message du directeur général

Nous avons traversé ensemble une année difficile au cours de laquelle, à plusieurs reprises, en raison de certaines situations, nous avons dû nous adapter sur le champ, de sorte que les plans initialement prévus ont dû être repensés.

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Marvicon infographic 2021 1140x760

A strong company with strong figures

Marvicon is growing year after year and we are proud of it! Strong figures lead to a strong company that is completely ready for the future! We remain ambitious, because standing still is going backwards. Marvicon is a strong company and therefore you can always count on us!

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We are Marvicon

Nous sommes Marvicon! Ravi de vous rencontrer!

Depuis 2015, Marvicon transporte des marchandises en toute sécurité sur le marché européen.

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We are proud!

Every year in November, the Romanian transport magazine ZiuaCargo organizes the event Romanian Transport Company of the Year. During this gala evening, Ziua Cargo honors various transport companies. In addition to the main price of Transport Company of the Year, other prizes were also awarded.

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2019 11 13 14 TEG Translog event 461

Translog Connect Congress

On 18 and 19 November 2019 Marvicon attended the TRANSLOG Connect Congress. TRANSLOG Connect Congress is the market leading cross-industrial B2B business summit and partnering event for transportation, logistics and supply chain management professionals in the Central Eastern European region taking place annually in November, in Budapest, Hungary.

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Management orientat cãtre client si personal

O companie relativ nouã pe piata româneascã, Marvicon, înfiintatã în 2015, a ajuns anul trecut la o cifrã de afaceri de peste 12 milioane de euro, care a adus-o în top 100 de companii de transport din România.

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Marvicon driving to future

Marvicon transporta direct în viitor

Marvicon transporta direct în viitor. Aceste cifre arată că firma noastră a crescut de-a lungul anilor, ceea ce ne motivează și mai mult să facem transport de mărfuri!

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Marvicon nr 0048 IMG 0390

Our trucks travel around the world

MARVICON trucks travel all around the world. Our drivers often take pictures of their truck in a beautiful environment.

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Marvicon website 1200x801

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019

We want to thank everyone for the collaboration this year and hopefully we will meet again next year! Enjoy being together with your family.Best Wishes from everyone of Marvicon

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Schermafbeelding 2018 07 12 om 13.09.21

Des volumes importants et de meilleurs prix pour le transport de conteneurs

société belge BE-Trans, portant principalement sur le transport de conteneurs, mis en place en 2015 à Oradea société Marvicon, impliqué dans le même domaine - où les volumes sont encore élevés et les prix, décent - mais a ses propres plans de développement segment de transport qui bénéficie d'une demande...

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Marvicon beeld ISO


À partir de début mars, Marvicon agrandira sa flotte. Deux véhicules, un pour les frets légers et un pour les cargaisons lourdes, viendront compléter la flotte. Le tracteur ainsi que la remorque sont équipés d'un chariot élévateur à l'arrière, leur permettant ainsi de transporter un total de 108m³.

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Marvicon Truck


À partir de début mars, Marvicon agrandira sa flotte. Deux véhicules, un pour les frets légers et un pour les cargaisons lourdes, viendront compléter la flotte. Le tracteur ainsi que la remorque sont équipés d'un chariot élévateur à l'arrière, leur permettant ainsi de transporter un total de 108m³.

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