Substantial volumes and better prices for container transport

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• 27/06/2018 •

Belgian company BE-Trans, dealing mainly container transport, set up in 2015 to Oradea company Marvicon, involved in the same field - where volumes are still high and prices, decent - but has their own plans for development transport segment that enjoys demand in the region. About benefits of this pioneering field, but also about the challenges they face companies in the market, especially the eastern, we talked with Elijah Ilea, company manager Oradea.

BE-Trans started out in 1998 with a truck and a trailer, and now the group has 180 trucks and 350 chassis for containers, platforms and semi-trailer, the latter being used for transport under full truck but also groupage between Belgium and EU countries and between EU countries and Romania. Number of semi surpasses in proportion as large trucks because the company has clients that let container and take another, more efficiency, so 10 to 15 platforms are always blocked.


Source: Tranzit

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