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ilie 1140

• 16/02/2023 •

Even if at the beginning of 2022 we thought we had defeated the coronavirus pandemic and we would return to a normal life, subsequent events have shown us that the unforeseen is just around the corner.

The war started by Russia by invading Ukraine created a new major crisis with two main components – the refugee crisis and the energy crisis.

The energy crisis greatly affected business, but with the help and understanding of our partners we managed to successfully honor all our orders in 2022 and end a difficult year with good results.

I want to thank all our partners and clients for the trust they have placed in us.

In 2022 we replaced 40 trucks from our fleet, and in 2023 we will replace another 50. In this way we maintain a young and ecological fleet.

Thank you to all the Marvicon employees for their dedication and professionalism and together we commit ourselves to offer high quality transport services in 2023.

I want us to be your first choice when you need a reliable partner for transport and logistics services.



Ilie Ilea

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